Second Best Spam Ever? | The Contract: A Caricature of No

I think this comes very close. I got an email the other day… seemed like typical spam at first, but then, upon closer inspection, there was no link on which to click, and no image; just a line of text that said “We think your penis doesn’t even deserve to be called a penis.” I almost died from laughter when I realized that there was no possible benefit to sending this to people, and yet someone was investing resources in doing so. Teehee!

On another note, I saw The Contract with John Cusack and Morgan Freeman. I’d warn you all against it, except that, well… it’s so bad it’s actually worth seeing. It’s one of those films where you spend the whole time thinking, “God, I swear they’re *trying* to make it awful. I think I just saw him smirk!” But this is not, as far as I can tell, meant to be a comedy. One reviewer apparently called it “sporadically intriguing yet thoroughly mediocre.” I heartily agree.

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