The Quest for Decent External Storage

So, with my impending ‘sorta’ move, I’m on the hunt for some reliable and portable external storage that I can use with either of my laptops.

My historic experiences with external USB/Firewire drives has been some what of a shaky and crappy one. Basically, I got my ass bit a few times because I’ve been too cheap to buy a decent external case and they became unreliable to a point where all of them are now sitting in a box waiting for a hazardous waste day.

So, my quest goes out to anybody who’s actually used external disks on a regular basis – I need one (or two) that meet the following requirements:

  • Self powered (no external power supply required)
  • Good size (200GB or bigger)
  • Reasonable price (a 200 GB internal disk is worth about 70 bux)
  • A reasonable brand name.

Let me know of any you’ve had experience with.

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