Fuck You, China

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I’m all for ethnic tolerance. A person’s ethnicity is not a choice, it is not something they can change, and it is not representative of their nature as a human. Cultural tolerance is an entirely different matter. Belonging to a culture and abiding by its mores is a matter of choice. Cultures can be judged, and I will be tolerant of a culture if and only if it is deserving of my tolerance. When it comes to China, this is the last straw for me. It’s bad enough to force-feed your people a philosophy that fears and abhors religion, and then use that as grounds to brutally invade neighbouring countries and subjugate their people because they are religious. But to then refer to the exiled leader of such a country as a “separatist,” and show anger and disdain when his entirely peaceful efforts to win back his country and earn freedom for his people are applauded by another nation? There is no justification, and there is no rationale. People are created equal; cultures are not. And this is one culture that needs to go, now.

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