Facebook Gets Closer To Knowing Too Much

Facebook rolled out some “new” features this week.

One of them allows companies, people, bands, etc to have individual pages so you can become a fan of them. Yeah, woopie. These pages are there with the sole intent of companies paying money to drive traffic to them and giving companies the ability to spam peoples news feeds.

Another one allows random sites like this one for example, to post things to your profile’s newsfeed. This feature is called a facebook beacon.

Here’s some details on the beacon: http://www.techcrunch.com/2007/11/02/ok-heres-at-least-part-of-what-facebook-is-announcing-on-tuesday/ And here’s an idea on how to block it: http://www.ideashower.com/blog/block-facebook-beacon/

Another option on blocking it, if you use AdBlock for firefox would be to add the same url mentioned http://facebook.com/beacon/*

Personally, I don’t think you and I need our newsfeeds littered with things “Joe visited donkeysexporn.com!” and stuff like that. But unfortunately they’re nearing the tipping point of how much information they should be allowed to have. Unfortunately users will probably not do as they should and block this excessively intrusive stuff.

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