Hayley Sales, DRM, and Lights

Last night when I was out and about in the core of the T dot I got to see some live entertainment.

I wasn’t going to stay around when I saw the list of performers. “Hayley Sales”, “Jully Black”, “Fireworks” followed by some random DJ.

I know who the 2nd was and I didn’t care. I didn’t care for 5 minutes of fireworks and the DJ that followed. The wildcard was left in that of Hayley Sales. I wasn’t quite sure until just before my sit-down at Timmies when I got to hear her. I was hooked. I forced myself to enjoy a few pints at the pub while waiting for 7pm to roll around.

It was cold, the crowd was minimal and she performed. At some point I realized that I had actually heard one of her songs before. (“What you Want”)

That song doesn’t really do her justice though. The other songs she sang were wonderfully diverse and extremely upbeat. Not to mention a nice mix of genres.

She ended the show with an unplugged version of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” which was un-frickin-believable.

Anyway, I went home after and I was gonna hit up iTunes for the album – but sure enough her label is Universal and they don’t do non-DRM tracks, so I didn’t buy it.

And, for the record Toronto’s downtown Christmas light decor is really really ugly.

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