If he’s the King then I’m the Prince

I’ve recently fallen in love with “Human Nature” from “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. It’s sappy, melodic, 80s pop at its most saccharine, but I love it.

Here’s a strange fact: It was written by Steve Porcaro of “Toto”; a dubious point of recognition, perhaps, pointless curio at best.

On another..note… I’ve also recently encountered a Whitby band, Protest the Hero, that falls under the musical profile of: mathcore/post-punk/hardcore/metalcore. They are seriously hardcore and have the musical chops to back up whatever label might be applied to them. Their lead vocalist hearkens to Iron Maiden and early Deftones, among others, while the elements of their instrumentation are an amalgam of all that hardcore metal fans would consider crucial and fundamental to a solid sound.

While earlier efforts fell under the hardcore punk banner, with marked pop highlights, the clear fact is that PTH has transformed itself into a seriously progressive act, with rigid, inventive rhythm and bass underpinnings and a neurotic, yet satisfying meandering guitar construction that barely leaves room to breathe before launching into another assault of the senses.

Remarkably, I’m wont to classify them with a compositional pop sensibility in that they manage to tread the fine line between neurosis and the derivative, exposing a finely dialed mash-work of sonic delight. More than simple blast beats and repetitious riffery, these early 20 somethings from WHITBY, ONTARIO(chrissakes, meng), are already on the road to metal glory and their next album is set to be even heavier.

If you’re still lost, consider a combination of Dream Theatre, Iron Maiden and various post-punk elements.

Note: If you don’t appreciate the qualities of heavy, aggressive music, you might consider bypassing Protest The Hero, however, if you like to be roughed-up a bit, check them out at:

http://www.protestthehero.com/ – Official Website
http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=7964123 – MySpace Page – Be sure to listen to the available songs