My lil’ Xbox 360

Yeah, i broke down and bought an xbox 360.

Here’s what I like: graphics are great, some of the exclusive games are great, and i got what i’d like to refer to as a decent price on it (350, with a game.) i love how it plays movies, music and pictures from my linux box and my mac.

Here’s what I hate: the accessories are rediculously priced. you have to pay more to play online. that pisses me off a bit because the games themselves cost more than their PC (or even other system) counterparts — and those you don’t have to pay extra for to play online. So, i’m not really sure how far I’ll go with online play. I also hate their points. I don’t hate “points” in these online marketplace things so much as I hate microsoft’s points. At least sony and nintendo have a dollar value that’s easily attributed to what points are worth; with microsoft you need a calculator. and that sucks.

my gamertag is ‘smartssa’ (go figure) so add me if you want.

About SmartSsa

a mindless soul flushed down the toilet
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