San Fran, Google, and More…

This trip has unfortunately come to an end as I sit here in starbucks using really crappy, and overpriced wireless from T-Mobile.

I’m merely waiting for my shuttle to the airport now.

I have to say a few things though. San Francisco is a pretty sweet city. I can’t really explain it – because I simply suck at explaining things – but it’s got something special about it, and I’m not referring to the insane homeless people. But they help. I unfortunately didn’t get to do too much around the city itself, but I got to walk a lot and go up and down some of the most insane hills I’ve ever met. That counts bigtime. The landscape and architecture is so incredibly unique, it’s awesome. I think it passes the “Would I live here?” test. Too bad it’d be damn near impossible for that to happen to me.

Google rocks. Their first full blown developer conference was also pretty sweet. (I know you’re watching Google, so thanks for a good time!) My only real problem was that I didn’t get to see nearly as many presentations and sessions as I would’ve liked to see. But none the less, the party was awesome, the environment was awesome and the whole package was awesome. Now if I can only find some time to implement the things I’ve learned about and all the other things I heard about and come up with some kick ass idea for a website that doesn’t toss salad, perhaps maybe I can become a dot com millionaire?

Hah. Right. Anyway, time to wander and hope my shuttle shows up and my flight is on time.

Peese out from Cloudy San Francisco.

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