Look out Canada, Here Comes the DCMA!

The Industry Minister of Canada, the (Dis)honoable Jim Prentice, is about to announce the Canadian version of the DCMA (That’s the digital millennium copyright act – a US law that’s only ever benefit the big-guns at the MPAA and RIAA)

But, as those dudes over at boingboing state:

Industry Canada Minister Jim Prentice is about to introduce his Canadian version of America’s disastrous Digital Millennium Copyright Act tomorrow. In so doing, he is violating his own party’s promise to seek public consultation on all treaty accession bills, he’s ignoring the cries of rightsholders, industry, educators, artists, librarians, citizens’ rights groups, legal scholars and pretty much everyone with a stake in this, except the US Trade Representative and the US Ambassador, who, apparently, have had ample opportunity to chat with the Minister and give him his marching orders.

Jim Prentice, You’re an asshole. P.S. I checked, that’s not libel, because it’s a clearly fact.


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