Now What Do I Read?

As of today I will no longer be reading The Globe and Mail. It has been a source of great irritation but sometimes humour, alas only because of the idiocy of the articles and stupidity of the columnists and editors. I need a new paper to read and would like suggestions on what to read now.

What kind of idiocy you ask? Before I get all patriotic in your face I’ll cite today’s tech entry. I posted a long-winded comment that was in dire need of editing so I don’t know if they’ll let it through, but the article started off by claiming the technology sector’s immunity to the economic state of affairs in the US was finally gone. Immunity? The tech sector has always been volatile, as in scary stuff has happened in the last 10 years and there are plenty of ups and downs — just as their embedded graph of Google’s share prices would indicate (a change from $400 to $600 to $400 in the span of a year). What IDIOT could possible write about the tech sector being immune to something?

Canada has troops in Afghanistan. I know of soldiers who have been injured and who have been killed serving over there. The thing you hear the most about a member who has died is that they died doing what they loved to do, what they thought was right. If the first chapter of the Bible is supposed to be a way of saying Whatever God does is Good (“… and it was good.”), then what should be said about the deaths of our soldiers is: “… and he/she would have done it again.”

Instead, we get every single last death be it natural causes or a vehicle accident on the front page with a picture. Try putting the 800+ faces of Canadians who die on the 400-series highway every year on the cover of the news paper and see what kind of national outrage you generate. I bet there’d be lots to say about it. That’s because the front page is what gets your attention first. Did you know that 15 people in the USA die from vendor machines falling on them every year? Canada‘s been in Afghanistan for 6 years. 15 deaths per year times 6 years gives us 90 deaths from vending machines in the US. This number is GREATER than the deaths of our soldiers in Afghanistan. That’s not meant in any way to dishonour or discredit our soldiers’ efforts but to put into perspective what those deaths mean in the overall scope.

The Globe prevented comments being added to a recent article where they reported a Military Police officer serving in Afghanistan died in his cot by probably natural causes. Why’d they stop the comments being added to their article by readers? Because the readers were going ape over the fact this made the front page and how sick the Globe was for using it as an attention getter for people to read their paper. In the article it stated the family wished for as much privacy as possible. Then what the crap is the Globe doing! Being riddiculous for the last time in the sense that I will no longer read them ever again.

I need a new paper to read, what do you read?

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