The Quest for new Hardware…

Well, it’s been a few years (excluding laptop purchases) since I’ve gotten myself a new desktop.

Here’s a short list of what I want in this new beast – I’ll be targetting for November for the start of this little project, so current prices don’t really matter. If you know of any good components that you can say “hey! this’ll work” let me know.

  • Quad Core CPU
  • 4 GB of ram
  • A motherboard that supports a large quantity of SATA ports
  • A SATA card that has enough ports to cover the rest that the motherboard doesn’t (see next point)
  • A case with at least 10 (yes, ten) 3.5″ bays (or 5.25″ bays but the case must come with the mount rails for smaller drives, I don’t want to buy a shitload of those on top.)
  • A decent modular powersupply that can support at least 10 HDs and the video cards below
  • I’m looking for support for at least 3 LCDs, probably 4 with a TV being the 4th. I don’t need uber-leet gaming video cards, I just need ones that can drive 1080p displays.

Yes, this is slightly insane. But I’m crazy and I desire this. 😛

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