TTC Broke, and it was Fun

the Subway had a wee incident today with a busted cable and a fire and lots of chaos.

But it was fun. I walked about 3.2km in about 25 minutes and then waited around just outside a sea of people. I was walking at a good clip, weaving in and out of crowds of people who truly looked like they haven’t walked anywhere since they were small children. Once I got to Bloor there were thousands upon thousands of people in the streets, which ended up being closed to normal traffic. It was insane.

The part I just don’t understand though, is that all these people stood around waiting to get on a shuttle bus for hours, and in the time they waited they could have easily walked in the general direction of their travel and eventually got on “normal” busses, or even better yet – their homes. But hey, some people still live too far away – god bless the burbs.

I think all in all, it should be a friendly reminder that you have legs and feet, and in most cases you’re actually capable of using them.

So step up and use them.

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