Healthy Competition? What a Concept…

Ever since Telus launched ‘Koodo’ the mobile phone provider, others have been following in the removal of the most retarded fee ever.. The ever infamous “System Access Fee”.

This is a nice thing, since I’m looking to replace my aging phone, and I’m looking to ditch bell (yes I know Fido is Rogers and Rogers Sucks) but I’m interested in a GSM phone without a contract and Fido’s the only one that can do that for me. But, both Fido and Koodo now have low-cost minimum monthly packages ($15/mo, nothing else but tax on top of that) and that sure as hell beats my $50/mo I’m paying bell.

Maybe I’ll get un-lazy and get on that ball and get a new phone. perhaps one where I can actually upload pictures or get videos and what-not off of them (thanks for crippling my phone so long ago, Bell. You suck Bell. I hate you Bell.)

Lets see how things unfold.

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