Keith’s Stags Head Stout: No thanks, guys.

I finally got around to getting myself an Alexander Keith’s Stags Head Stout – and guess what? It wasn’t worth it.

Yes, this is me, the beer drinker you all know and love talking down to a beer that should be much better than it is.

Here it is: Carbonation sucks in a stout. Ok? Got it? Yes. this stout isn’t like your other friendly Stouts (Guinness, et al.) It’s carbonated. It’s like a really dark Not-Pale Ale.

And that’s all it is. I mean, there’s some flavour of stout in it – but that comes with the dark malty goodness that it takes to make beer that dark. So, really, Keith’s, you might as well pull this crap and let people drink real stout. You failed, and you made me sad.

Just as a side note: Feel free to bring out your honey brown, or that strange wheat-ish lemony beer that I had some 5 years ago in Halifax, That was Good Shit™. Stags head? It’s not.

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