Schedule This.

When did it become acceptable that when a business schedules time with a client it’s a window of anywhere between 6 to 8 hours, but when a client schedules with a business it’s exactly on time or you lose out?

We’ve all experienced it – Bell, Rogers, (insert other company here) – all will book an appointment with you with some broad window “we’ll be there between 8am and 4pm.” At which point you have to take time off, make arrangements, hassle yourself just so that they can make money.

But, on the other hand if you book an appointment say for hair, dentist, doctor, and you say you’ll show up “between 8am and 4pm” they’ll just say no, and tell you to go fuck yourself. Hell, even if you tried that with rogers or bell or any other company they’ll still say “no” because it’s not them planning the screw-you-over.

Why, Why is this acceptable? I understand that there are some unforeseen circumstances that may prohibit them from being on time but can’t they at least be somewhere near a specific time?

And I don’t mean Pacific Time.

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