Movie Madness; Bolt and Madagascar

As promised in a round about way I watched movies in an effort to catch up on movies that I should’ve watched long ago.

Bolt made me feel like I was watching The Truman Show where the animated dog, Bolt, was Jim Carey living in a world that was fake. Upon his escape Bolt figures out he’s not what he thought, and yaddi yaddi yaddi, he eventually finds his owner and all is happy. Overall it was a really nice movie with a typical disney ending. cheers to that.

Madagascar, Madagascar 2 and The Penguins of Madagascar are all getting lumped into one big pile here. Mainly because the actual stories are all horribly weak and really the half-assed attempt at musical-esqe show fell really short. Ooo Great, animated animals shaking their asses. Fantastic. The parts that were funny were far and few between and they really weren’t that funny. At least the penguins got their own short. The penguins need more shows. And the monkeys too. The penguins and the monkeys can go on for ages, the rest should only be around for support.

Tomorrow maybe some comedy or maybe some horror flicks… who knows.

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