I just Twatted this…

I just tweeted, or twatted, or whatever you want to call it, the following:

if you’re not a famous person, using twitter is kinda like putting your lips around a glory hole with nobody on the other side. (RT this)

And I stand firmly by it. I’d been trying to find the most useful reason as to why I should actually use twitter.. and well, I can’t find one. I can’t find one because I’m not a famous person.

I can tweet away, and be pointless and annoying. But quite frankly, with only 8 people following me.. what the hell is the point? More people read pileofcrap.org, and even my ass than they do my twitter feed so why should I care?

Sure, people can use ‘@’ and reply to you, but they get lost easily. Sure, you can automate things like if you tweet something with the phrase “in my pants” it will get re-tweeted by a stupid bot called “inmypants” What is the real purpose of this? It’s so lame, it’s so useless. The only _decent_ (i refuse “good”) thing about is that you get to see what … oh… famous people have to say… That’s it..
famous people + twitter = fun.
Normal people + twitter = useless.

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