Incomplete Video Game Madness

I’m currently on one of my insane video game waves. I decided last week that I’m going to start completing the piles of games I have and have had for ages.

It was kind of a pivotal moment where I realized I never fucking finish anything.

So over the last week or so I’ve finished Half Life 2, Hl2 Episode 1 and episode 2. Bioshock. Grand Theft Auto 4. I’m on my way to finishing Devil May Cry 4.

After my Xbox games (hey, my gamertag is SmartSsa, add me) I’m going to have to move over to my Wii and finish the piles of games I have unfinished there.

It’s really quite sad, the number of things I never finish.

About SmartSsa

a mindless soul flushed down the toilet
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