June 28, 2000.

It was Wednesday, June 28, 2000.

I had received an invite to go for ice cream the night before, but I was hesitant to go. I didn’t think I wanted to. I had questioned it overnight and decided against it. At the last minute before the meeting was supposed to happen I changed my mind. After all, being unemployed in the summertime left me with little excuse.

I borrowed my mom’s car as usual, and headed off to the Dairy Queen. The one I had never been to. The sky was filling with dark grey clouds and rain was inevitable at this point.

I pulled into the parking lot as a sprinkle started to fall. I sat in the car questioning my intents, their intents, why was I actually here?

The rain started falling a bit more. I got out of the car and headed to the shrinking line to get myself some ice cream. I got a delicious peanut buster parfait and looked around at the shrinking crowd. I couldn’t see the person I was going to meet with. I walked around a bit, looking, wondering did I come for nothing?

And then there she was. There they were. There she was. For the first time in my life one person was going out of their way to introduce me to a perfect match. It’s as if they knew me forever. She knew exactly what I was looking for.

The introduction happened and I couldn’t take my eyes off her eyes. Her beautiful grey eyes with a piece glitter just below her right one. She blinked as the raindrops hit her face. She was beautiful, smart, cute, fit. Then the sky opened up and the rain fell harder. We didn’t care.

The meeting was over and so was my 20 minutes of bliss. I wish I had never gone.

Updated: Read Part Two.

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