July 11, 2000

Almost two weeks had passed since I had met one of the most wonderful girls I’ll ever meet. Ever since that first day, I was hooked. Like an addict looking for the next fix, I wanted to see her again.

We had light correspondence — a few emails back and forth. There were things said and questions asked that gave me the impression that I wasn’t the only one interested in pursuing this relationship. Finally, the chance came to see her again. An invite to go play a round of mini golf. I love mini golf.

The weather was flawless this time. Sunny with clear blue skies. We were to meet at the nearest mini golf place. Not too far from my house. This time when I arrived I was quick to get out of the car and look around. There was no hesitation to find my golf partner. My idea of it being just the two of us was crushed as soon as I saw the other. The acquaintance of mine who had introduced me to her was with her.

A threesome I guess. For golf, yes. The other thought didn’t even cross my mind. I wasn’t even interested in the common acquaintance.

We played the round of mini golf. I lost by a large margin. Not because I blew the game. Not because I’m horrible at mini golf. Simply because I was distracted by her glow the entire time.

Simply being within 50 feet of her made me smile. I couldn’t care for anything else. I was carefree.

Update: Read Part Three.

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