Oh Twitter, I Hate You.

I hate twitter. Here’s a couple reasons why:

  1. 140 character limit. What? Why? What is this, the dawn of SMS messeging? Give me a break. It makes people type like retards.
  2. The complete lack of message threading. If you write something awesome, most people don’t know how to reply so they just say “@you, something stupid” and you have no idea what the context is.
  3. Automation (more below). Most things on twitter are automated. Even pileofcrap is automated.
  4. #hash #tags #are #lame. There is absolutely no need or reason for people to demarcate words with a has so you can decide what’s a #trend. A proper search algorithm would be able to detect trending topics based on real word frequency of use. This also makes people type like retards.
  5. Third party apps. apparently the only way to effectively use twitter is to use something that’s not twitter… yeah, so you go to the website you sign up for a twitter account, you twat your first twat then you go and use a third party app to manage all the bullshit.
  6. SPAM. Signing up for twitter and using twitter is pretty much saying “Hey, spam me.” Anybody can do it, it just takes an account and some autmation!
  7. Short URLs are evil. Because of the 140 character limit, people are forced to use short urls services (like bit.ly, ow.ly, tr.im etc) and that harms trust and branding since you never know where you’re going. I’d much rather have you see (and remember) pileofcrap.org in my links.

Twitter is by far one of the most automated sites I’ve ever
encountered. Daily I get followers that are merely spammers.

As a short experiment (with really no weight to anything significant
in life) I setup a twitter account for pileofcrap and started feeding
that twitter account with automated twats (everything that gets posted here).
I also set up a “bot” that would automatically follow anybody who followed
me, and I also followed a bunch of random famous people to see who would
follow me back.

After a short period of time my twitter account has 45 followers,
21 tweets, and is following 360 people*. Those numbers aren’t significant
in anyway. The fun part of this all is that everything is automatic.
I don’t interact with it and none of the automatic followers interact
with it. That makes twitter useless. Even if there are just a few
humans reading the things, the percentage is so low that you’d need
a few million followers to have any sort of useful impact.

As time goes on, it’s only going to get more and more automated.

When’s it going to hit critical mass and blow up?

Or will it go sentient first?

Maybe it is.

Whatever, twitter, I hate you.

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