What, You Care?

The bookends of my last weekend were action packed.

As usual, I caught myself out drinking with various friends. On friday a crew of old days, out drinking at a lovely place called Volo Bar near wellesly (save the jokes, I heard them all) and we drank endless. Or at least what seemed like endless beer. But the excitement wasn’t the beer.

The excitement to me came when I realized a guy working there actually cared about his job and the customers that were in that establishment. The realization came when I caught myself choking on a piece of salad (again, save the jokes). I hacked once, I hacked twice. He was paying attention. He didn’t turn away until I said “I’m ok!” Under nomrmal circumstances nobody would even bother to look, or those who did would say “God, that’s disgusting.” But I could tell that this guy was ready to save my sorry ass at the drop of a hat, or my corpse. That was exciting.

On Tuesday, I wasn’t the potential victim. I was an observer. While I was at The Twisted Kilt (formerly the Bow and Arrow) some random guy fell down the stairs. *thud* *thud* *thud*. A sequence of souds that only results in someone being in quite a bit of pain. The bartender didn’t even flinch. Without delay he was on 911 and without much delay the Toronto EMS was on site. I did my part, I went outside and made sure they came to the right spot. (honk honk, that’s my horn!)

These may seem like simple, useless, puny incidents, but to me when I normally whitness idiocy and people who just don’t give a fuck, it’s pretty important to realize there are in fact people who do give a fuck.

Cheers Scotty and Chris, you know who you are..

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