Does Local TV Matter, and Stop the TV Tax.

There’s a battle brewing with Canadian TV broadcasters and Canadian Media companies. I think it’s a pretty hilarious battle.

One side: ( ) is crying that their locally operated tv stations don’t get any money from the big media companies that deliver their content. They want the (evil) CRTC to impose a fee on the large carriers to explicitly pay for these local channels.

The other side: ( ) says that if the CRTC imposes this fee (the ‘TV Tax’) they’ll just pass it right on to the consumers.

I find the whole situation a bit hilarious and more of a pissing war that won’t really be won by any side. And the true loser will end up being the consumer paying more for an already over priced television services.

Unless they come up with the proper answer to this whole battle. The only real answer to finally bring in a-la-cart pricing for TV services. Start with a base price (the carrier fee, if you will) of around $20 – let users pick a number (lets say 30) individual channels from a preset list of ‘local’/non specialty channels from any part of the country. With that the carriers know what channels which customers are actually watching/paying for and can then funnel back a small portion to the channels that are in fact popular.

The premium channels can be added one by one at a set rate from the channel themselves. If CBC wants to charge $5/mo for BOLD or CTV wants to charge $2/mo for TSN when Rogers charges $5/mo for SportsNet, let them. Let the consumers decide what channels have the best deal for them.

Let the TV channels become competitive. If it did, I might actually consider paying them again.

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