Why The Olympic Torch Matters… To Me.

Just bringing up this topic itself is enough to make me bust open and shed multiple tears. It’s a hard topic for me. Simply because it’s not what it used to be.

It’s really really hard to explain what the Olympic torch means but it certainly goes back to my childhood. I can remember vividly 22 years ago when the torch ran through Brantford on it’s way to Calgary for the ’88 winter Olympics. It passed through the city on it’s only main street on one not-so-cold day. A couple of caravans, a couple of torch exchanges, and security was almost non existent. Those were the days. Those were the days where moving something from one end of our VAST country actually meant something.

Today, most of what the Torch stood for is lost. Now it’s more of bragging and excessive advertising.

Fortunately for myself, I can still see through this and realize that moving something from one person to another in short steps at a time does mean something. We as humans have become excessively parasitic. We like to do things that hurt and destroy our futures. The passing of the torch is one symbolic gesture that remains where we still manage to show that we care. We care that small steps matter.

Tonight people, many people, that wouldn’t talk to me under normal circumstances, were brought together with me with common ground that let us talk and realize we’re the same regardless of our history or race. That was downright brilliant.

Unfortunately, now I’m forced to ignore the idiotic advertising, idiotic protests, and idiotic idiots. Maybe in another 20 years or so, Canada can host an Olympics where things are back to the “old way” and I won’t have to ignore Coke or RBC’s asinine attempts to brainwash mass crowds – or random protest groups who lose their message and their chances of support by screwing over those who trust the Olympic Spirit.

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