The Worst Pizza Ever.

I love pizza. But buying it from all those pizza places gets too expensive so I have to be cheap with my pizza.

Being cheap means I buy them frozen ones. Usually they’re pretty good. But this one I had last night was the Worst Pizza Ever.

It was a ‘Selections’ brand rising crust from Metro. Smoked meat and cheese… you really can’t go wrong, right? Well, boy was I wrong. For starters the assembly of the pizza was just horrid. You’d think with all the technology in the world someone could make a machine that could assemble a frozen pizza in a nice uniform fashion with all the toppings spread perfectly. It’s put together with a machine for a reason. But nope. There were piles of meat* in random locations and probably 75% of the pizza had no meat at all.

The meat wasn’t even meat. If you think Taco Bell meat is bad, this was worse. It wasn’t ground meat it was pulverized then blended. Horrible.

I’m greatly saddened, but I now know not to buy Selection brand rising crust pizzas. And you should avoid them too. Delissio, McCains and ‘No-Name’ they’re still OK in my book for a $6 pizza.

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