Apple iPad? No Thanks.

I’m an apple fan, and I like everything I have that’s apple.. but I won’t be getting one of these iPads.

Here’s why:

It’s a glorified iPod Touch.
It doesn’t have a wide screen display
It doesn’t have a high resolution screen
It’s resolution is lower per inch than the iPod Touch (132ppi on the iPad vs 163ppi on the iPod Touch) meaning watching videos on the larger screen will be noticiably less-crisp than on the smaller iPod.
It doesn’t have HD output
It doesn’t let you multi-task
It doesn’t let you expand it’s storage with SD cards
It doesn’t have an innovative input method. Just the same on-screen keyboard that the iPod Touch has, with the option of you using a keyboard/dock station – which costs extra – and reminds me of the old Palm Pilot days, where external keyboards failed miserably.

So really the WiFi version does nothing more than an iPod Touch at a much larger price. the $300 price difference for a larger screen is definitely not worth it.

When the WiFi+3G version comes out it’ll do nothing more than an iPhone (and actually less, because you can’t make phone calls with the iPad!)

So, thanks for the hype, all you freaks. But no thanks for this.

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