Vancouver 2010 Starts Soon…

With that, some fun photos:

It’s only a matter of time before we really know if Canada‘s “Own the Podium” campaign works out for the better. Personally, I think there’s gonna be some seriously awesome results. But that’s just me.

Also as the Olympics approach it’s becoming clear that CTV really wants to impress the nation by making things available in as many ways as possible. It seems like it’s been forever that CBC has had the Olympics, but with this change CTV is bringing it to the 21st century, big time. According to their site there’ll be streaming all over the place. They claim that everything will be streamed online with main network coverage being supported by 10 other channels – it’ll be Olympic overload for those who can handle it.

I’m hoping their online streaming is as good as they claim it’ll be, so I don’t get stuck without being able to watch sportsnet or tsn’s portion of the coverage.

Go Canada Go!

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