So, it was Wayne After All.

I must say, when all the hype started building up about “Who’s gonna be the last one?” People started blurting out all these really famous people. “Wayne Gretzky’s gonna do it!”

I was “nah, he’s not.” I mean, I love Wayne in the fact that he’s from my home town. I love how much he’d brought to Team Canada in the past. And I certainly love the feeling you get when you run into him in Brantford’s Boston Pizza and all you say is “‘sup?”

But I really didn’t expect him to be the last one with the torch.

When I saw Rick Hansen wheel into BC Place, I thought “Yeah, this is it. They’re gonna strap him in to some crazy thing and do something so awesome…” Then he passed the torch to Katrina LeMay Doan, and I thought that was sweet… then to Rick Nash… and I thought that was unexpected. Then to Nancy Greene a lovely person who most people in Canada don’t actually know… And then to Wayne.

After the five person relay, I really thought that was awesome. Combine those amazing people with the people who carried out the Olympic flag – and you have yourself an amazing Canadian moment.

Go Canada Go.

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