Why People Think the Opening Ceremony is Boring

A lot of the feedback that I saw last night during the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics went something like this:

“This is neat.”
“It’s getting worse.”
“It’s going downhill.”
“Well, it was neat, but I didn’t get most of it.”

And that’s just it. People don’t understand most of it. These ceremonies are always built in a way that are extremely artistic and expressionist. They’re always trying to express an extremely wide range of elements and they’re always so far over the top in an artistic sense that it alienates 90 percent of the people watching it. And that’s kind of sad. They throw in a few famous people to sing (or lip-sync) a few songs and try to bring the people who are watching at home back into it, but it just leads to waves of “oh that was neat” to “oh what was that?”

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the opening ceremony. It was pretty fantastic and definitely hit the right notes as far as what Canada is. As long as you can stop criticizing it because you don’t understand it. If this type of artistic show was hugely popular and understood by the masses on a large scale I think the national ballet wouldn’t have budget problems. It would be the movie industry that suffers.

I loved the use of projectors and the stage to create so many different environments. Ice, land, trees, water, mountains and snow. (The orca’s swimming across was amazing.)

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