The Bunkford Sign & Display Co.

Sometime in mid-June, I found out that one of my former high school teachers was going to be having an art show in February. I had no intention of being anywhere near here by then (now), so, other than being disappointed that I wasn’t going to be able to make it, I didn’t give it a lot of thought.

One of the first things that occured to me after I got back was that I was now going to be able to see this show. I’d been looking forward to it since December, and last night (technically the night before last, since it’s now Sunday) I went with Spoy to see it.

Bloody Amazing. The actual, physical artwork, I think, can be enjoyed by anyone with eyes, but the commentary it provides is so perfectly suited to the small Canadian town that it almost feels like you’re getting a kind of bonus understanding for having been raised in one. Anyone in the area (especially anyone who’s grown up in our fair city) needs to see this. Go to the Arts Block sometime within the next month and enjoy. There’s more info here.

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