The Ridding of Rogers

My last tie to Rogers Cable Internet was severed on the weekend. And it felt damn good.

Last time I canceled a Rogers it was simple. I took my modem to the store and said “I’m moving.” and voila they canceled my account on the spot. No fuss-no-muss. That particular cancellation was on good terms. At the time their service was good, unlimited and convenient.

This time was different. My main reason for canceling is because of their really really low usage limits (60GB on the normal plan). Under normal circumstances this limit was barely touched, which didn’t matter. But as time goes on, usage increases. With events like the Olympics and weekly hockey games and other live events being available online (you know legal stuff) the usage creeps up. And the last two months the usage was just a touch over the 60GB limit. The excessive fee that rogers charges ($2 per GB) added up to an entire month of service from Teksavvy. So, I simply said screw this. I’m dumping them.

Having experienced a “good” cancellation process before I thought things would be the same. I was wrong. Rogers has a new (at least within the last 5 years) cancellation department. So after showing up at the store and being told “we don’t do cancellations anymore.” I had to use their house phone and call customer care.

After being on hold for 10 minutes I was asked various account information and then passed on to a “cancellation representative” (read: a sales person who has the ability to offer me a reason to stay.)

This person asked “what’s your reason for leaving?”

I replied, “usage fees are stupid.”

“Well you’ve only been over twice in the last 6 months.”

“That’s too many” I said. “I shouldn’t have to worry about how close I am to a limit. I shouldn’t have to worry about excess fees on something I already pay a lot of money for. It’s inconvenient for me to stop and think about what I can do on the internet.”

“Well, is there anything I can offer you to change your mind?” the rep asked.

“No, I’ve already gotten an alternative provider. And it’s not bell.”

“Is there a reason you didn’t give us a chance to keep you?”

“I’m not going to answer that.” (When really, I knew they’d offer me a discount for X number of months followed by an increase back to the regular price. But the usage restrictions would still apply and easily obliterate any discount price they give me.)

“Well, I’m sorry you feel that way. You’ve been a customer for 6 years.”

“Actually, 13 years with a 9 month break.”

“You’ll have to return the modem to the store.”

“I’m already at the store.”

“Oh. Is there anything else I can do for you today?”

“Nope, that’s all.”

“Have a good day.” *click*

Then I returned my modem to the counter, where two sales reps were doing nothing during the entire time I was on the phone.

It’s actually kind of sad that I’ve had to leave rogers. They were the first in my area to offer high speed internet. Way back when it was a 2Mbps service in 1997. I was with them when they stared as Rogers Wave, then turned into Rogers@Home, then Rogers High Speed Internet (with services provided by Yahoo!) Back then and for a good 12 or so years it was a true unlimited service. And honestly, it’s not the limit that kills me. It’s how low the limit is.

So, in closing, here’s the reasons why I ditched Rogers:

* Usage limits are stupid low
* Usage Fees for going over are ridiculous
* They intercept invalid DNS and profit from it.
* They shit on existing customers.
* They leverage their size to “kiss your ass” when you’re angry.
* I’d been renting a goddamn modem for 6 years without an option to buy.
* They’re cancellation process is stupid. (This is why I’ll never go back, even if they fix the above list)

So long Rogers!

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