Perfect Timing, Again

The construction crews dropped their support lines down and rigged up their swing bench to start work on my balcony, and the other 52 balconies on this line.

Perfect timing. Less than two days before the world cup starts and I won’t be able to sit at home enjoying the non-stop coverage on my big-ass TV because these guys, who are now at least 2 weeks behind schedule, are going to be shaking my ass out of bed at 8:30am with jackhammers going mad. Not only that, the balcony has to be empty so my antenna for my free tv is sitting inside my apartment. Not very good reception inside a concrete box.

I won’t be able to hear anything inside. I won’t be able to have my windows open. I gotta GTFO during the day for who knows how long.. Hopefully it’s only a week, but the way these slackers work… only time will tell.

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