Sleepless-ish in Toronto

I just realized that since the World Cup started, I’ve had approximately 4 hours of sleep per night, with a nap after the second game, running my total to about 5 hours a day.

I’m a person who loves sleeping. I’m used to 10-ish hours a day, with a rolling schedule (you know, up for 18, sleep for 10) so I really thought the 5-ish hours a day would hit me hard and after a couple of days I’d be falling a sleep earlier to make up for it.. but nope.

Combine World Cup insanity (I haven’t missed a match yet) with trying to figure out how to play the guitar and trying to figure out how to create iPhone apps and trying to get the trivia game up and running my brain hasn’t had a chance to shut down and actually let me sleep early.

This new found insane insomnia has caused my left eye to twitch a lot and my stomach to be perpetually hungry. It’s great.

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