Researching The World

What’s Wrong Here?

I have allergies, i need drugs, i buy drugs, i research drugs, i find results.

Price per 100 Grams

  • Cocaine (Powder) – $16000
  • Reactine – $13325
  • Cocaine (Rock) – $10000
  • Weed – $1200
  • Nicotine – $120
  • Alcohol – $10

It all makes sense now. I drink because it’s the most affordable drug out there. Yeehaw. Too bad when the going gets rough, I wouldn’t be able to afford the drugs I do need! hahaha… yeehaw. again. yeehaw.

Fuck this ass backwards world, it sucks I wanna move to mars where I can play with rocks and kick dust around all day long.

About SmartSsa

a mindless soul flushed down the toilet
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