Why Does Rogers Suck So Much?

It’s almost impossible to really answer this.  But recently Rogers has decided to argue an old consumer-protecting law that requires them to have “adequate and proper” testing before making claims that they’re awesome.

Rogers claims that this law violates their freedom of expression. And by expression they mean their ability to lie to consumers and claim everything is always the best when in reality words such as “the best” and “greatest” and “most awesome” should never be allowed in consumer advertising.

Why? Because they’re subjective and very difficult to prove. And when something’s subjective you don’t need any facts to back it up. When Rogers doesn’t need to backup their claims they’ll just continue to spout out lies and lies and lies.  Just like the one where they claim they run “two separate networks” and show you a shiny image of a cable with two wires in it. That’s a lie.  The cable running to your house doesn’t have two wires. But hey, it sounds nice and the way they make Bell’s one wire network look bad. (Which is ironic, because phone wires do have multiple wires in them, they’re just used differently.)

You should read some more.

Vancouver Sun

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