I Really Missed Canada’s Wonderland

It’s been four years since I was last there. The year they opened the Behemoth, and that was a “work” trip. I’m not really sure why I stopped going at least once a year. Maybe it was just a lack of convenience, maybe it was just lack of desire to wait in long lines when you’re forced to go on weekends. Who knows. What I do know is that I went back with a vengeance.

There was a bit of shock when I arrived at the park today though. I’m not sure, but for some reason I didn’t expect the excitement of Leviathan to consume me. But when pulling into the parking lot and seeing the blue/green rails wrapping around the front of the park, out into the parking lot. And the climb, the 306 foot climb. And the drop. The 80º drop. That’s right kids, get out your protractors – if you even know what one is. That’s almost straight down.

My first words were simply “It’s… So…BIG.” And the size of the thing wasn’t really the fact that it wraps itself around almost a quarter of the park, but the fact that one of the classics, Dragon Fyre (the beautiful double looper, double corkscrew that it is) is underneath the leviathan’s drop.

blue: Leviathan, dark green: Dragon Fyre. Double loops under the Leviathan. And that's an 80 degree drop from 306 feet.

Anyway, after I acquired my pass, I hit Dragon Fyre first (notice how I spell it the old correct way?) to get it out of my way. It’s still good. Then I hit the big one. I hit it so hard I went twice in a row. I cannot remember the last time I got off a roller coaster and got right back in line again. It’s so good. It’s so fast. I can’t believe my underpants were still on when I was done riding this thing. I was sure they should’ve blown off on the first turn.

After I got the initial rush out of the way, I hit every other roller coaster in the park and came back for a third go. I have no doubt that by the end of this season, I’ll have rode this might monster a dozen times and it still won’t be enough. It’s not every day I can say, yeah, I rode every roller coaster in the park. Apparently that’s what being away for four years does to you though.

Tomorrow I’ll ache and perhaps be wobbly on my feet. But damn, I missed these roller coasters.

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